The Synergistic Effects of Yoga and Rolfing®

Ever since Dr. Ida Rolf created Rolfing Structural Integration, there has been an amazingly effective physical, mental and spiritual relationship between her bodywork and the practice of yoga. Rolfing is a form of structural bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue network in the body that covers our muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and bones which gives our body its shape.  Any strain patterns in this network can create restrictions, chronic pain, decreased flexibility and many other negative effects.

    On a physical level yoga, like Rolfing, focuses on the structural alignment of the body which increases flexibility, better range of motion and improved posture.  The synergy of yoga and Rolfing becomes apparent when many yogis that have practiced for quite some time still experience restrictions in their body while in certain poses.  These restrictions oftentimes do not resolve with movement alone.  This is where Rolfing comes in.  Through the hands-on manipulation of the work, the Rolfer can target and free up those restricted areas creating more balance in the body.  This allows for a deepened and more effective yoga practice.
    Not only is there a synergy between yoga and Rolfing on the physical level but also on the mental and spiritual level as well.  A large portion of Dr. Rolf’s work focused on how the body’s structural imbalances affected one’s emotional state.  She believed that if the imbalances were corrected by Rolfing, an improved sense of well-being would occur, mainly because freeing one’s bodily restrictions in turn often frees the mind to focus on other more positive aspects of life.   Over the years, countless anecdotal evidence of her client outcomes proved this theory.  Practicing yoga is right in alignment with achieving these goals. Receiving Rolfing along with yoga can only deepen this sense of heightened well-being.
    It is integral to be doing some type of movement  like yoga on a consistent basis to balance and strengthen our structure along with the Rolfing bodywork because Rolfing alone cannot strengthen the muscles and bones and yoga alone cannot always correct certain structural imbalances.  Yoga is also an extremely effective way to maintain the changes achieved in Rolfing not only on a physical level but also maintaining the improved sense of well-being and increased energy that is so often a side effect of the bodywork.

–”Bodies, Health and Consciousness”, by Rosie Speigel, SRG Publishing, 1994
–”Yoga and Rolfing Lead One to Wholeness”, by Mark Powell,, 2004
–”Deep Impact”, by Linda Knittel, Yoga Journal, August 2002

Written By: Adriane Anile


Become Your Own Witness: 50 Ways to Heal from Television Addiction

I read an article recently in USA today that the average American home has more televisions than people. According to the A.C. Nielsen Company, 95 percent of the U.S. population watches some form of television every day. A.C. Nielsen Company also reported that the average American home has a television on for nearly eight hours a day.  The average adult watches nearly five hours of television per day. This adds up to about 6 whole days of television watching a month on average!
When I started reading these statistics, I wasn’t shocked because I understand how prevalent television watching is in American society. I don’t have anything against watching television, but I do see how it takes a lot of time out of life which could be devoted to more meaningful pursuits. I do not own a television and for the most part I am bored with almost everything I watch. I get it—our culture works hard and people are tired and just want to sit on the couch and engage in something mindless for a few hours a day. I have had people look at me with shock when I tell them I do not own a television, for me it is just a preference and I probably would hardly use the damn thing even if I had one. I honestly don’t have any time or desire anymore to sit around and watch television. So I have come up with 50 activities that are soothing to do after a long day, or even a day off…without the big box on. ENJOY!
1.      Exercise
2.      Prayer/meditation
3.      Cook a meal
4.      Have a  meaningful heartfelt conversation
5.      Have a silly laughter-filled conversation
6.      Paint—or finger paint!
7.      Have a good cry
8.      Have a good laugh
9.      Take a class—something you always wanted to learn and would feel excited about!
10.  Make a plan to change careers, if you’re feeling drained by the one you’re in.
11.   Read something inspiring
12.  Make your home your sanctuary
13.  Find little and big ways to make your home sustainable
14.  Garden—anything from flowers, herbs, veggies, just get your hands dirty!
15.  Take long walks alone
16.  Travel somewhere local you’ve never explored before—e.g. a poetry reading, music event, exotic tea house, cathedral…
17.  Focus on your life purpose
18.  Call your mama
19.  Call your best friend
20.  Observe the phases of the moon every night
21.  Take long, amazingly healing baths
22.  Practice Yoga
23.  Practice yoga in the park
24.  Practice Yoga naked (especially if you live alone, and especially if you don’t!)
25.  Make a gratitude list—from small to big—keep adding to the list every day!
26.  Ride your bike without a destination
27.  Talk to a stranger and share something meaningful with them
28.  Talk to a stranger and make them laugh
29.  Leave a flower on a random persons car
30.  Make a list of your priorities, and make time for them
31.  Fall in Love with someone ❤
32.   Listen to someone you think you know like the back of your hand and realize they are still an amazing mystery
33.  Write down 50 things you can do without a television
34.  Make corny mix cds and dance your ass off
35.  Make a mix cd for a person who would least expect it
36.  Write out your dreams and start to live them
37.  Create a vision for a positive future, and live it.
38.  Get your favorite people together and enjoy your community
39.  Make love with your partner for hours
40.  Get to know and talk to your neighbors
41.  Organize a community event
42.  Write, journal, muse— A LOT
43.  Find a spiritual path and devote more time to that path
44.  Get support for an addiction you are ready to let go of
45.  Find a swing set and play in the park (alone or with friends!)
46.  Make an amends to someone
47.  Plan a weekend getaway to a natural wonderland with friends
48.  Contemplate your role in our expansive universe
49.  Ask meaningful questions, and listen and watch how the answers appear in unexpected ways
50.  Tell everyone you love just how much you love them.
These are just a few ideas to rid our lives from television addiction. I invite you to create your own list and watch how your life begins to transform into something exciting, fun, and FULL to overflow with more of YOU! Your life is the best reality show there is beyond your wildest dreams…
By: Rebbeca Norton

Thank You Bradford Elementary!

If we don’t take care of the ones that take care of us how can we make a difference. Thank you Bradford Elemenatry for allowing us to host chair massage at your teacher luncheon!

Dear Mom, Have I told you how much I appreciate you?

The Power of Gratitude

The words “thank you” and ” I appreciate you” can be powerful, dynamic phrases.
Visualize your mom, wife, sister. Does she work? Does she have children? What are her responsibilities? How many people expect certain actions from her? What true role does she play in her household?
May 8th is Mother’s Day, as a Mother and daughter, I am often in awe at the many amazing accomplishments of the women in my life. I have friends who find time in thier already demanding lives to stop and support me at the drop of a hat. My own Mother will take time out of her crazy day to listen to me whine about my latest drama. I see women who commit to causes because they just might be able to change the health of a few children, and women who run marathons to find a cure. I see women who volunteer hours a week to deliver food to the homeless, and women who devote a few hours a week to their best and closest friends to visit and share laughter.
I want to say “Thank You” to all the amazing and beautiful life changing women in my life, and most of all “Thank You” to my own Momma for tolerance, forgiveness and your endless love and support.
Once I told a woman how incredibly much I appreciated her and respected her and quickly found she was brought to tears by my gratitude. She said to me, “I can’t tell you how nice it is to feel appreciated”.
When was the last time you said these powerful words to those you love and appreciate? While Mother’s Day is a good day to be reminded of all your Mom does, isn’t any day a good day to just let her know how much you do truly appreciate her?

Happy Mother’s Day,
Tammi Hoerner, CHHC, AADP, MH
Founder, President
New Beginnings Health & Wellness

Eating in the Know

Everyday we are surrounded by assaults from media messages that lead to confusion when it comes to choosing foods that are healthy for ourselves and for our family. Everywhere we look the media and agribusiness are pulling on our strings. From highway billboards, to product packages, misleading and often flat out false health claims are being made. Who do you trust? How can you tell who is honest? How do you tell the good stuff from the bad stuff?

Truthfully, if you want to simplify your life, the best way is to never eat packaged food. (Wow, that feels drastic, doesn’t it?!) It is possible to eliminate prepackaged, prepared foods from our shopping carts, but it feels uncomfortable, and can incorporate a whole lot of priority jumbling when you are trying to do this on your own. What do you cook? What goes best with what? Further, HOW do you cook it!?

Whole foods supply what we need to live dynamic, energetic, healthy lives. At one point in time, not long ago, whole foods were all we had. Until the 1940’s, people existed without prepackaged, instant dinners and were much healthier for it. (Ask your grandma!) Foods that come directly from nature are packed with vitamins, fiber, phyto-chemicals, and antioxidants. Many are easy to prepare, most are completely portable, and with a bit of practice, they can quickly become practical too! Still, it can be overwhelming to eliminate packaged foods, so suddenly, from your diet. In the real world, change takes time.
Here are some tips to help you begin to bring whole natural foods to your table:
*Try to find recipes that call for whole foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes of any kind.
*Opt for recipes with 5 or fewer ingredients, which will simplify preparation.
*Choose a diverse range of colors when you are shopping for whole foods, this includes legumes and grains!
*If you are feeling tight on time, opt to serve raw foods. Raw foods have much needed enzymes that assist our bodies in assimilating the nutrients in the foods we eat! This is like adding extra points in the game of life! Tip: Chop fresh veggies such as broccoli, carrots, radish, cauliflower, jicama, and endive. Serve with sweet pepper hummus. This is a very nutritious meal and is fun for kids to eat!
* If you are opting for packaged foods, (It’s okay, we all do this sometimes.)

Read the labels carefully. I always suggest to my clients to look at the ingredients before you look at anything else.
Do not buy what you don’t know.

 *Ask yourself, is this food going to nourish me?
 *Avoid sucralose, saccharin, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame.
 *Do not consume hydrogenated oils of any type (these are trans fats and it is legal for a manufacturer to put .5 grams of hydrogenated oil per serving in a product and state 0% trans fats!)
Over all, including more whole foods in your diet, reducing processed foods, you will find a dynamic effect in your health and the health of your family. Being knowledgeable about what is healthful and what is not feels complicated these days. Following these simple tips will help you to become a more educated consumer.

Tammi Hoerner is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, who specializes in helping busy moms and professional women find their way back to their healthiest and happiest selves, one step at a time. Tammi is President of New Beginnings Health & Wellness and Director of The Nourished Life.

 To learn more about Tammi and her coaching program visit:

Busy Mom’s Make Breakfast Fast!


Making life as a busy mom easier…
Super Simple Breakfast Smoothie (for the one that wont eat leafy greens)

1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2  cup frozen rhubarb
1 fresh banana
7 – 8 young spinach leaves
6 walnuts
1/8 cup chia seeds
1 1/2 cups coconut milk
1 cup honey yoghurt
Blend until smooth. If you like your smoothies thicker add more frozen fruit, if you like more liquid add water or more coconut milk.
Serves 4

By: Tammi Hoerner

It’s Better to Eat a Twinkie with Gratitude

As a holistic health counselor and conscious eater I have firsthand experience of my own and others turmoil’s around personal shifts in health and nutrition.  I have come a long way from neurotically not caring at all what I ate as long it tasted good, to neurotically only eating the highest quality organic, biodynamic, anti-biotic free, preservative free foods. I have been vegetarian, only eaten raw foods, and have rigidly erased one ingredient after another in the attempt and quest for optimal health. Essentially it has been an amazing but often inflexible path when I decided to take my health into my own hands. The sanity was that I had been sick for most of my life, and had completely healed myself through holistic remedies, particularly nutrition.

Although I felt better, most of my health symptoms diminished and I was well educated about nutrition, my health became unmanageable when I would visit family or friends.  My mama’s meals I loved as a child became a haven for my nutrition-snob criticisms and rationalizations for why I shouldn’t eat it. When a good friend would invite me out to a local burger joint I would pass. When the birthday cakes would be sliced I would deny myself the pleasure, and instead think all about the studies and facts about food that were now controlling my life.  

Essentially my education was now making me too smart for my own good. I wasn’t able to enjoy a meal without having a parade of after thoughts and regret. I had forgotten how to enjoy life, family, and celebrations where food often plays an essential role, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy those foods may be. Now I am not saying to disregard healthy food choices, particularly if there is an illness you can heal through modifying certain foods. I am saying that after going through an evolutionary process in my nutritional paradigm, I have come to a middle ground. I will never forget when one of my greatest mentors said to me “I don’t care what kind of biodynamic fancy foods you are eating if you are feeling horrible on the inside. It would probably be better to eat a twinkie with gratitude.”

I am not de-emphasizing the importance of having a solid ground and knowledge of supportive foods and lifestyle habits. Certain diseases and healing processes require each of us to say no to certain foods at particular points in our lives. The strictness that may arise from the process of shifting our personal health needs may be the perfect learning curve for finding true balance. We are never going to be perfect in our food choices, but being perfect isn’t the goal, being healthy is. One way I recommend to clients in supporting this process is called the “90-10 diet”. This means that 90% of the time we make healthy choices, 10% of the time we indulge with joy!  Go to the birthday party and eat the cake, go out with your friends and get what you would really love to eat on the menu without guilt or shame about it. Most importantly enjoy your life, enjoy every bite of food, enjoy your family and its traditions, and be grateful for all you have, your health depends on it.

Written By: Rebecca Elise Norton

Rebecca Elise Norton is a Brooklyn bread Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor, Teacher, and Contemplative Artist empowering individuals and groups to live healthy and inspired lives. Her background also includes in depth study of Expressive Arts, Contemplative Christianity, Buddhist meditation, Peruvian Shamanism, and Jungian Dreamwork. Through personal commitment to health and life visioning Rebecca believes we each have the potential to awaken to the loving, creative, and abundant Presence that seeks to express through us.

Welcome to Our Office!

I love our new space and I am so grateful for all the people who took part in bringing us together here. We have a great team of amazing, professional practitioners who offer dynamic services that will help you to heal and find your greatest health. It’s a journey for all of us. 
Of course now we need pictures, a sink, and just a few other odds and ends, but you can see it is really coming together. Thank you to all of our very patient clients, our friends, our family, and YOU our reader who supports us on this journey! We are ready to welcome you!
In deepest gratitude,

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